A wedding in Menorca

When our good friends B&B decided to get married abroad we were equally delighted that a) we were invited to their special day; b) we didn’t have to travel all the way to New Zealand for the occasion, and c) the trip doubled as a magical summer holiday at their chosen destination.

Having lived in London for a few years B&B had visited Spain numerous times and had fallen in love with the culture, landscape, people and cuisine. They discovered the perfect setting for their wedding on the island of Menorca – the lesser known of the Balearic Islands. So it was here where we spent four wonderful nights at the end of July.

On our first afternoon in Menorca I had a bit of a stressful time getting acquainted with driving on the right-hand side and navigating some of the narrow windy roads on the island. But that melted away with a dip in the turquoise waters at Playa de Cavalleria on the north side of the island and then sunset drinks at the well-known Cova d’en Xoroi – built into the side of the white cliffs in the south.

Andrew, being completely nuts, decided that the 30+ degree weather was the perfect setting for a mid-morning run. So we headed to the National Park where he set off for 2hrs while I meandered through the wetlands and then plopped myself down at the quiet end of Playa de Grau and enjoyed some good ol’ people watching.

Later that day we checked into the stunning wedding villa located on the cliffs of Cala ‘N Brut just a short drive from Ciutadella town. This was our home for the next three nights with the bride and groom and two other couples who were part of the bridal party. We quickly settled into the routine of making rounds of sangria, nibbling on Spanish treats and alternating between swimming in the pool and cliff jumping into the stunning blue waters of the Balearic Sea.

The villa was the perfect setting for B&B’s wedding, where about 50 of their close friends and family from New Zealand and the UK gathered to celebrate the occasion.  The day was an absolute stunner, in the low 30s, and many of us enjoyed a mid-day dip before getting ready for the ceremony. Vows were shared, a few tears shed and lots of banter in the sun made this wedding one to remember. The night ended with a splash with about 3/4 of the guests in the pool – even the bride!

On our final day, we farewelled the newlyweds and the beautiful villa and decided to squeeze in a few last sights before our afternoon flight. After a quick breakfast and wander through the cute alleyways in Ciutadella we headed to Cala Mitjana for one last swim.

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