Split to Dubrovnik – Part Two

Continuing on from Part One

Departing Lovište on Day 4 we made good use of the morning wind by practising our sailing skills. This was the first time the wind was really strong enough to pick up some speed and practise our tacking. It was quite unnerving, at first, scrambling around while the boat was on such severe angles, but we got the hang of it pretty quickly. We sailed past Korčula Old Town, where we would be visiting later in the evening, and moored at Port Lumbarda. It was a very hot afternoon so we lounged about on the beach, enjoyed the crystal clear water and a few bevvies in the sun before heading off to Korčula.


Korčula is a medieval walled city designed like a fish bone to allow air circulation while also protecting it from the wind. We headed up through the gates and opted to climb the Cathedral for awesome views over the town and surrounding islands. Then it was off to Massimo Bar – where we had cocktails on the rooftop of a fort! Seriously! You get to climb a ladder through a small opening in the roof and this was the perfect place to enjoy yet another beautiful sunset.


Day 5 was another highlight of the trip – well basically everything was a highlight – but our next destination Polače, on the island of Mljet, had something pretty special up its sleeve. The western park of Mljet is a National Park and is covered by dense Mediterranean forest. It also has two salt lakes Veliko and Malo jezero, and a monastery on the island within the middle of one of them. We rented bikes and cycled around the perimeter of both lakes, stopping along the way for swims and photo op’s. It is such a majestical place!


The closer we got to Dubrovnik the more we talked about never leaving the sailing life. How could we make this a permanent thing? (Still working on this!)

Thursday was the day of the well talked up regatta race between the MedSailors boats. Although we had 7 boats in our flotilla, only 5 were able to race. Shane was not allowed to steer or pull the ropes but he had us prepped and was the forceful voice driving us to secure 2nd place victory (and actually 1st place against the other Kiwi boat which were sailing the same type of yacht). Although I think we disappointed our competitive Skipper we were pretty stoked with our efforts.

After our race, we headed to the island of Sipan, the largest of the main Elafiti islands. Here we moored at Suđurađ and had a few pre-dinner drinks with the other Kiwi boat to celebrate. The following morning Andrew and I woke early and after a refreshing morning swim we set off to explore a bit. Sipan is a very pretty place covered in vegetation, fruit and olive trees and wild flowers. Hiking uphill you can get great views across the island – Abbey, Laura and Matt recommended the walk up to the Sv. Trojstvo church which we missed out on.


Our last day on the boat was bittersweet – we had had such an unforgettable trip and were absolutely gutted that we were about to get kicked off. We grudgingly packed up our things and got to enjoy a final stop at Koločep for brunch before heading toward Dubrovnik to see the Old City from the water. And then it really sunk in that we actually had to get off our boat and say our goodbyes. 😦


I’m getting a bit sad, even now finishing this blog post, that the holiday is really over. It was hands down the most relaxing, yet eventful and fun, trip I’ve been on. Each island/bay that we stopped in along the way had something special to offer and it was all beyond beautiful.

I can’t recommend this trip enough. You will have the best time and you’ll never want to go home and face reality again! Hats off to the lovely MedSailors crew and of course our Skipper Shane (we are still not over you! I hope you miss us too).

Next up Dubrovnik…


2 thoughts on “Split to Dubrovnik – Part Two

  1. Who would have thought ? A remarkable transformation since the bloody Croatian War of Independence. Great trip and great memories.

    Dad xxx


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