Fun & Games in Bristol

When our friends spontaneously booked cheap coach tickets to Bristol they invited us along for the ride. Andrew, too busy with his CFA exam prep, was subbed out for another one of our good friends and so the four of us headed out east on a hot Saturday afternoon.

I hadn’t really looked into Bristol much so didn’t quite know what to expect. So I was pleasantly surprised with its old and arty charm, and “student city” undertones. We dumped our bags in our hostel and headed straight to the pub for a pint. One drink turned into many more and we enjoyed a few rounds of darts at the unlikely Bundy’s Bar, originally drawn in by their £12 bottles of fizz.

After we had had enough of Bundy’s dingy digs we wandered around Harbourside and up to the Bearpit. Once a neglected crime haven this area has now turned into a street art gallery and holds markets and various other events during the day. Not long after that and with a run in with bouncer on a power trip we decided to call it a night.

The next morning we woke to another lovely day and set off to explore the suburb of Clifton. First stop though was a delicious brunch at Pinkmans Bakery (highly recommended!). Clifton is a very pretty (and wealthy) area lined with 18th and 19th-century terrace houses that overlook Bristol and the River Avon.

We found our way to the infamous Clifton Suspension Bridge (#2 on the top things to do in Bristol). We cautiously looked down to the brown muck that is the River Avon and meandered across to the other side to visit the museum. It is amazing to think how this kind of structure was made way back in the early 1800s.

We stumbled across a lovely little bush walk down to the other side of the river and then hunted out some of the colourful streets around Cliftonwood. So why is Bristol such a colourful place you ask? Well, some bright sparks decided upon the Bristol Colour Capital initiative to increase the number of colourful houses to establish Bristol as the ‘Colour Capital’ of the UK. I think they are onto a winner – it makes the city so much more lively and gives it character.

Nearing lunchtime we were all parched so stopped in at the Grain Barge, a converted moored barge with views out across the harbour and the famous Brunel’s ss Great Britain. One drink turned into a handful and so we decided to enjoy the rest of our day here in Bristol and made the greatest choice by indulging in their epic roasts! (currently winning the monthly roast challenge).

A great end to a great weekend getaway in Bristol.


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