Czeching out Prague

After a few days feasting in Berlin we took a train south to Prague. This journey was about 4.5 hours long and passes through the lovely countryside of Southern Germany through to the Czech Republic. The route is especially scenic as you pass through Dresden and follow alongside the Elbe River.

We arrived into Praha mid-arvo and after dropping our bags off wandered into the Old Town. We felt like we were in a bit of a time warp as we walked past the shopping district which had some questionable fashion/marketing choices. As we neared Old Town I started to get the sense of appeal of this “city of a hundred spires”. And being Easter there was a added buzz around the city with several markets dotted around the central areas.

We headed to T-Anker which sits on the rooftop of the Kotva mall and offers a great selection of Czech beers with stunning views over the city. A perfect spot to watch the sun going down.


For dinner that evening we headed to Lokál Dlouhááá which has a large menu of classic homemade Czech dishes and beer straight from tanks on show. This is a popular restaurant but the wait isn’t too long for a table and the food is served quickly. We ordered a few of the Easter specials including the roast rabbit, beef goulash with potato dumplings and beef tartar which was accompanied by the most delicious fried bread. Highly recommend this restaurant if you’re visiting Prague.

The next day we found our way along the river to Charles Bridge and up to the famous Prague Castle. I actually didn’t do much research into Prague before visiting and didn’t realise how busy this city gets. The Bridge, Castle and surrounding areas were packed with people – I guess especially busy being Easter.

The line for the Castle looked super long so we postponed our visit until the following day and decided to check out something else this city is famous for – trdelník’s aka chimney cakes. These doughnut-like cakes are made by wrapping dough around rods which are then cooked over charcoal fires. You’ll find vendors all over the city selling these delicious hot snacks. We had ours filled with apple strudel and cream at Creperie U Kajetana along with a crepe (of course) and they were both equally mouth-wateringly good.

The weather in Prague wasn’t in our favour so we spent the wet afternoon chilling out back out our Airbnb before heading out for dinner. On our food tour in Berlin we fished around for some Prague recommendations and an “absolute must” was dinner at Eska – apparently, they also do a killer breakfast/brunch. I love getting personal recommendations and always try to fit them into the schedule if we can. Eska was an absolute treat – with weird and wonderful combinations of local ingredients and flavours. The potatoes in ash, smoked fish, dried egg yolk and kefir was my favourite!


After Andrew went for a morning run he was desperate to get his hands on another chimney cake. This time we headed back to the markets at the main square. It was a lovely morning and a bit quieter with it being a Tuesday.

We wandered up to the Castle for a second time taking an alternative route up through Letná Park – which also offers some fantastic views across to the Old Town and different angles of the Castle.

The weather completely turned on us while we were about to get lunch. All of a sudden it got super dark and cold and then while we were waiting in line for tickets it started to snow! Good thing we had an afternoon to kill inside the various buildings at the castle complex. We managed to fit in one last trdelnik, for good measure, before it was time to get ourselves to the airport.

Prague is definitely the cheapest European city we’ve been to so far which is always a bonus. We spent just two nights here and felt that was long enough – although we didn’t venture much outside of the central districts. Though it is quite touristy, Prague is a unique, beautiful city and lives up to its romantic and pretty reputation.

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