After swimming the blue waters in Capri we took the ferry across to the town of Amalfi, a small settlement with the signature dramatic cliffs famous along the Amalfi Coastline. Arriving late in the afternoon, the sun was still high and the beach was humming but still had a nice relaxed feel to it. We dumped our bags at our hotel and went off exploring.


There’s not much to this quaint little town. In the photo above is Marina Grande, the main beach and behind that you can see the main cathedral – St Andrew’s which is in the heart of Amalfi. Up to the right among the terraced lemon orchards (Amalfi is famous for Limoncello) there’s the cemetery which sits high above the town. To get there you have to navigate a myriad of steep stairways and passages, ensuring you’re not actually walking into someone’s property! The sun was torture but we made it to the top which was made more enjoyable by seeing some kittens basking in the sun, oh and did I mention the view!

After a well-deserved aperitivo (I love this concept by the way!) we stumbled around the village to take in our new surroundings. We visited the Cathedral which sits atop a staircase overlooking the Piazza Duomo – it really is a beautiful building. The piazza was full of visitors eating gelato and enjoying a pre-dinner drink. We hunted out a great restaurant in a back alley and sat outside for a feast of pastas, salad, bread and red wine – buon appetito!

Our hotel put on an amazing spread for breakfast – Italians love their sugary treats in the morning! Although I was missing the traditional French croissant which is much more buttery and savoury compared to the Italian versions. We sat on our balcony which had fabulous views over the main beach and we could already see it was getting busy with the heat of the day rising. We walked down to the other end of the town, to get a new perspective and enquired about the private beaches. The thing that we found annoying here is that the majority of the beaches are covered in sun loungers and you have to pay a fee to enter and hire them for the day.


Being our money-conscious selves we went back to the Marina Grande – Amalfi’s largest beach – and found a free spot among the locals on the jack shaped rocks that line the pier. It was an amazing relaxing day, topped off with paninis, ice cold lemonsoda and gelato in the back streets for lunch.


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