50 Shades of Blue in Capri

After a pretty hectic two days in Rome it was time to head to the coast and chill out. We had heard of the amazing clear blue waters on the Island of Capri and decided to spend a night here on our way to the Amalfi Coast. We took the speed train from Rome to Naples then jumped on the next available ferry to Capri – there were a few delays here but nothing to bring up again!

Most visitors will come to Capri on a day trip from the Amalfi Coast or Naples, so it’s a busy little tourist hub during the day. We arrived into the Marina Grande mid-arvo to a hum of activity especially being high season and all. We had a very quick antipasto lunch with a great view of the Marina before our lovely Airbnb host picked us up.

After taking in our new surroundings we took our hosts recommendation and walked down to Faro beach – named the islander’s favourite and sunniest beach. The walk offered great views of the Punta Carena lighthouse on the most south-west corner of the island. The beach itself was actually a bit disappointing. The beachfront, if you can call it that, was basically a large terraced rockface where you can sunbathe, nothing like our sandy beaches back home. Unfortunately, we also had to share the beach with about 40-odd young kids doing bombs off the rocks. Andrew, still young at heart, joined in and tried to show them a mangere or two. Don’t get me wrong, the water was lovely and the sun was shining but it wasn’t exactly the relaxing, comfortable experience that we were hoping for!

We got really lucky with our accommodation in Capri. When I was looking to book the prices were pretty crazy and there wasn’t actually too much available, but I managed to snap up an Airbnb in the hills above Anacapri settlement. The views were unreal so we decided to grab some takeaway pizza (delicious fyi) from down the road and watched the sunset from our balcony, wine in hand – this is the life!

The next day, we headed back to the Marina to hire a boat – you can be your own skipper for the day! This was definitely a highlight of our trip and is the best way to experience Capri in my opinion. We grabbed some sandwiches and a bottle of prosecco and off we went.

I think I can let the photos do most of the talking here – the water is perfectly clear and has the most stunning shades of blue. We blatted around the island for about three hours stopping at different points of interest or to jump off the boat. There are lots of ancient ruins along the coast and also many grottos that you can navigate into. The most famous grotto in Capri is the Grotta Azzurra aka Blue Grotto. You can park up and join the queues that come by tour boat but we decided to give it a miss as it could’ve wasted several hours.

On the opposite side of Capri is Marina Piccola. Here luxurious superyachts were parked up, some with helicopters, others with jet skis and additional boats in the hold – oh to be that wealthy! We cruised passed with our classy gangster beats blasting on our way to the famous hole in the rock – Faraglioni.

Faraglioni is another one of Capri’s well-known sights. These rocks rise up out of the water, close to the coastline and the middle one has a large cavity where you can drive your boat through. We eagerly waited in line – it’s only a one-way passing – and excitedly made our way through to the other side.

Around every corner along the coast there is something interesting to see and bays to pop into and anchor – it was so much fun, even though the water was a bit choppy in parts. After our island tour we relaxed on the main beach for a while before our next ferry to Amalfi.


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