The Galapagos!

From our initial planning we never knew for certain if we would be able to visit the Galapagos due to it being outrageously expensive. However after hearing from multiple people that it is an absolute “must-do” we sucked it up and decided we couldn’t come this far and not go!

Therefore we booked our trip last minute – about 10 days prior to leaving – from an agency in Quito. Last minute deals can be less than 50% of the original listed price, so if you are flexible with dates and itinerarys you can get an amazing deal. We opted for an 8-day cruise and lucked out on a First Class boat, called the Galaxy, which also had “one of the best itineraries” as it covered numerous Islands in the archipelago and had some of the most renowned snorkeling spots. We later found out that this particular cruise had originally been chartered by an American group who had to cancel at the last minute – therefore the majority of the passengers purchased tickets around the same time as we did, so weren’t a bunch of old Americans that we were expecting! We had a great group of like-minded tourists, also (mainly) similar in age. The boat’s capacity was 16 which was a nice number and we got to know each other quite well.

We flew to the Galapagos two days early to see some of the additional sites not covered in our cruise. We spent two nights on the main island of Santa Cruz in Puerto Ayora. It’s quite the tourist hub with a lot of souvenir shops along the main strip, restaurants and hostels. On our second night we had dinner near the wharf where there is a fish market by day and outdoor fresh fish restaurant by night where you can choose a whole cooked fish or fresh lobster. We opted for the latter as it was ridicously cheap compared to NZ prices.

This trip was packed full of highlights therefore we have decided to comment and explain our journey through our photos. Unfortunately we didn’t end up getting an underwater camera but believe us when we say that the snorkeling spots were absolutely unreal!

The Galapagos was definitely the highlight of our entire trip, we are absolutely stoked to have had the opportunity to experience this amazing place and its wildlife.

Although there is an abundance of wildlife on the islands it is clear to see the impact and damage that man has had on this fragile ecosystem. The hunting and the introduction of non-native species by humans has pushed some animals to the brink to extinction. While tourism is still increasing year-by-year only a small portion is going to the conversation of these unique and wonderful creatures. It will be interesting to learn of what will become of the life here in the Galapagos.

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