Sucre & Santa Cruz

After the Salt Flats we felt like it was time for some R&R, so we decided to spend 5 nigths in Sucre. Sucre is another white washed city and is a UNESCO World Hertiage site. The city has a really nice feel about it, the central area is compact allowing you to see quite a lot in a short time. There’s not a ton of tourist activities here so it was a perfect place to chill out.

Sucre was also a perfect place to enrol in Spanish classes. We took 4 hour lessons each day for 3 days with a lovely lady named Gavy (Gaby). She helped us grasp the basics of structuring sentences. It was really helpful but we still have a looong way to go and would’ve been great if we had more time with her.

One day we took a local bus out to the Dinosaur Park on the outskirts of the city. Here the local concrete mill accidentally discovered dinosaur footprints in the cliffside when mining for lime. Therefore a tourist park was built around this cliff with full scale models of various dinosaur which were believed to be in the region.

We opted to fly to Santa Cruz (35 minutes) rather than take a 20-odd hour bus ride on unpaved roads – money well spent in our books! Central Santa Cruz didn’t really have a lot going for it to be honest. There are trips you can take to the outer regions of the city but we didn’t have time to do so. Santa Cruz has a completely different climate to anywhere we’ve been so far – it’s hot (mid to high 30’s) and very humid. We only had a day and a half to explore. On our full day we were meant to do a Wildlife Tour but that was cancelled – so instead we went to Guembe Biocentro & Resort. This park is a refuge for animals seized by the government agenices that have no chance of recovery and return to the wild. The highlight of the park was the massive aviary enclosure – and we got to see toucans! The resort also had several lagoons and pools which were perfect to escape the heat of the afternoon.

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