Day of the Dead on the Death Road

We initially had booked our Death Road trip for the 1st but as we had a pretty big night before for the RWC Final and Halloween we moved it to the 2nd which happened to be the Day of the Dead – nice coincidence!

Unfortunately for us the weather was pretty rubbish during the majority of our trip. The ride begun at La Cumbe (4,700m) and it was snowing! As you can see from the photos (all taken by Altitude Adventures) our visibilty was pretty poor! For me this made it less scary not being able to see the sheer cliffside we were biking on. The first part of the ride is on a main paved road where we were able to get use to the bikes. Then it was onto the actual ‘Death Road’ with sheer 1000m+ drops to our left and rocky cliffs and cascading waterfalls on our right.

Now this is the first time I’ve actually done any form of mountain biking and I didn’t realise how jarring it would be on my hands and wrists. I was not having that much fun as it was pissing down, I could barely see through my foggy glasses and my hands were seizing up in pain! We had many stops along the way down to try take in the views and stretch out a bit. In the final leg the group split into two – those who wanted to take an extra technical track and those who just wanted to take the normal route. Andrew of course opted to go up to the technical part which was a narrow dirt track that wound down, requiring you to skid around the bends. A couple of the group bailed in this part but no serious injuries! The final part for me was the best as the weather had finally cleared up and the road was more dusty than rocky and was able to go really fast (well fast for me!).

Though we missed out on some of the views it was still a really worthwhile trip and happy to say we Survived the Death Road!

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