Whaka Chang Chang

Our Peru Hop bus left Lima at about 7am on the 12th of October. We stopped in Paracas for lunch – yummy ceviche by the ocean. Many of the tour group stayed in Paracas to go to the Ballestas Islands, we decided to carry on as we hope to go to the Galapagos Islands which is far better so didn’t want to waste a night here.

We arrived in Huacachina (pronounced Whaka-cheena) about 3.30pm and quickly got ready for our sand dune buggy + sandboarding 2hr tour. Our Peru Hop guide warned our group that we were in the most insane driver’s buggy – we thought she was just trying to scare us but she was NOT lying! He was the fastest driver in the dunes and pulled some crazy stunts that had us all screaming and laughing – it was an absolute adrenaline rush! We also had heaps of fun sandboarding down the dunes – they recommended going down on our stomach but a lot of the guys tried it standing up. We watched the sunset over the sand dunes then it was back in the buggy for one last wild ride. Needless to say we all had a few bumps and bruises from the trip!

That evening we went out with our bus group – which mainly consisted of Kiwis and Auzzies – to an all-you-can-eat bbq with a free happy hour (all you can drink pisco, vodka or rum). Drinking continued into the night and we went back to the hostel to play drinking games with two of the Peru Hop guides. It was great to get to know some of the group and hear about their travels around South America.

One thing about most developing countries, Peru included, is that there are stray dogs everywhere. That night in Huacachina we had posse of dogs follow us around from dinner to our hostel and then onto a nightclub. One dog in particular even came into the bar with us. Andrew was loving it!

The last two photos are of the Nazca lines which we saw from a viewing platform on the way to our next stop. It is possible to book a flight over the Nazca lines (there are about 70) but it is quite pricey!

3 thoughts on “Whaka Chang Chang

  1. Sounds a gr8 trip. Steve & I are enjoying our holiday in the Blue Mountains and coastal NSW. Sunny & warm here. It was good to meet his Sister we visited the Janolan Caves with her. Good to hear from you. Take care
    Love Mum X


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